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Cash Flow Video Slot
Legends of Avalon Video Slot
Rocket Jacks Video Poker
Rocket Jacks Video Poker
Rocket Jacks Video Poker
Cash Flow Video Slot
Cash Flow Video Slot
Cash Flow Video Slot
Rocket Jacks Video Poker
Rocket Jacks Video Poker
Dream Wheel Classic Slot
Rocket Jacks Video Poker
Molten Moolah Video Slot
Cash Flow Video Slot
Molten Moolah Video Slot
Cash Flow Video Slot
Cash Flow Video Slot
Rocket Jacks Video Poker
Rocket Jacks Video Poker
Molten Moolah Video Slot
Rocket Jacks Video Poker
Cash Flow Video Slot
Cash Flow Video Slot
Rocket Jacks Video Poker
Cash Flow Video Slot
Cash Flow Video Slot
Rocket Jacks Video Poker
Molten Moolah Video Slot
Rocket Jacks Video Poker
Legends of Avalon Video Slot


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Online Casino Tournaments

Platinum Reels Casino

Platinum Reels are excited to offer you the best Online Casino Tournaments using state of the art Saucify tournament game technology. Compete head to head against thousands of other Platinum Reels casino players and experience the thrill of winning. With the industry’s biggest Free Casino Tournaments and prize pool structures, log into your Platinum Reels casino account and grab your share of the prizes and action!

  • Types of Tournaments

    • Scheduled Casino Tournaments

      • Scheduled tournaments have fixed times; the player must register and play within the set time limit.
      • Scheduled tournaments are designed for players who want to play in specific pre-determined tournaments.
      • Scheduled tournaments usually have a guaranteed prize pool which is divided up amongst the winners, and the prize amount depends on the players positioning on the finished leader board.
      • Scheduled tournaments allow players to re-buy / improve their standing during the tournament.

      Some casino tournament notes:

      • The time limit is not always short, they can span over several days
      • Within the tournament period players are able to play, exit and revisit the tournament at a later stage to find out if their position has changed.
      • If a player’s position has changed, they are able to purchase more credits to increase their standing. Depending on the tournament, there could be a restricted amount of re-buys a player can purchase.
      • Sit n' Go Casino Tournaments

      • Sit n’ Go tournaments are based on the idea that the game only starts once it has reached the correct quota of registered players. If a game has a quota of 4, then once the fourth player has registered the tournament begins.
      • Sit n go’s are often restricted to a set time.
      • Once the tournament starts the players will be required to start and finish at the same time.
      • Unlike the Scheduled tournaments where one is given a period of time to complete the tournament and this may differ to other players – In the Sit n Go games you must play along side the other players at the same time.
      • Sit n Go’s fill up fast, so make sure you get in there first!
  • Casino Tournaments and Schedules

    • Are you ready to roll?

      With no risk and endless rewards, be sure to log into your account and claim your share of the scheduled Online Casino Tournament pools following the simple steps below:

      • Log into your Platinum Reels account.
      • Click on the tournaments section in the Platinum Reels casino lobby.
      • Select the game type of tournament you wish to play.
      • Register for the next scheduled Casino Tournament

      Platinum Reels Free Casino Tournaments are available on a wide selection on all your favourite casino games.

      Daily Free Roll Schedule

      Name of Tournament Tournament Period Game Entry Prize
      $100 Daily Free Roll 1 Day Game selection above FREE $100

      Tournament Specials Schedule

      Please check out our casino lobby for a host of exciting tournaments with massive prize pools.

  • How to Play

    • Casino Tournaments enable you to play games against Players from different global locations, for a central pot. The Player with the highest Win box value at the end of the tournament wins the pot.

      The objective is to spin the reels so the symbols form a winning combination on the payline. The Win box value is dependent on the winning combination formed. Therefore, the higher your win, the higher your accumulated Win box.

      Scheduled Online Casino Tournaments start at a fixed time. You start competing as soon as Tournament Start time has passed. Final results of the Tournament are revealed at the end of the tournament.

      Sit 'n' Go Tournaments start when all the required Players have registered for the tournament. At the end of the Tournament, final results are revealed immediately.

      To play Free Casino Tournaments, do the following:

      1. In the Platinum Reels online casino lobby, click on the Tournaments option.
      2. Select the game type of tournament you want to join. Your options are:
        • All Games
        • Classic Slots
        • Video Slots
        • Table Games
        • Video Poker
        • Other Games
      3. The available tournaments for the selected tournament game type are displayed
      4. Select the Scheduled Tournament you want to join. Note: You can only join a tournament if the status of the tournament is Register.
      5. You can view the details of the Tournament you wish to join. The following information is available to you:
        • General Tournament Overview
        • Prizes
        • Players
        • Tournament Information
      6. Click the Join button.
      7. Once you have doubled clicked on the tournament you want to play you will be asked to supply an alias. Simply decide what you would like your alias to be called and enter.
      8. Once you have confirmed your entry, you are allocated a fixed amount of coins and a timeframe within which to play this tournament.
      9. The Player with the highest Win box value at the end of the tournament wins the pot. You determine the action you want to perform in a game by clicking the appropriate Action button. Once you have selected an action, it is final. You must ensure you select the correct action.
  • Rules

      1. Only Players registered for a tournament can play the Casino Tournaments.
      2. The maximum number of Players that can enter the tournament may be limited or not, depending on the tournament
      3. Online Casino Tournaments are played to the end.
      4. If a Player withdraws from a tournament before it is over, they forfeit their entry fee.
      5. If a Player does not return to a tournament, they forfeit their entry fee
      6. If you register for a tournament and are not logged on to the Casino system at the time the tournament starts, you forfeit your entry fee. Tournaments are over when the time limit expires or the Player has used up all their coins. In the unlikely event that a tournament that is in progress has to be cancelled, and the tournament cannot be paused and postponed by a few minutes, each Player is refunded their total entry fee to the tournament.
      7. If a Player is disconnected from the system during tournament play, the following rules apply:

      8. If a Player is disconnected during play, the slot will not spin on behalf of the Player.
      9. If the Player reconnects within the tournament time, they can continue playing in the tournament.
      10. If the Player cannot reconnect, their winning total will remain static, reflecting the amount at the time of disconnection.
      11. For winnings that originate from the participate in Tournaments, where the entry to the tournament is free, such winners are limited to a cash withdrawal of $ 100.

      Important: Tournament coins have no value other than as counters in the tournament. Tournament coins have no cash-out value.