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Welcome to the web's Premier Loyalty Club, only at Platinum Reels Online Casino!

Enjoy fantastic rewards for your patronage, with a unique loyalty program that's tailored to suit your gameplay. Remember, the more you play, the more points you earn. Get spinning to reach VIP loyalty status and enjoy VIP casino bonuses at Platinum Reels.

The best online casino experience, exclusive to Platinum Reels Loyalty Club members!


As soon as you start playing for Real Money at Platinum Reels, you are eligible to become a member of the Loyalty Club. You'll earn Platinum Reel Points for every dollar wagered on slots, bingo and scratch card games. All wagers on online roulette, blackjack, video poker, progressives and other games do not contribute towards comp point earnings. These points can be redeemed for casino credits at any time. In addition to awarding all our members, Platinum Reels offers higher points to top wagering players. This means the more you play with us the more points you earn, the higher your Loyalty Status will become. When you first register with Platinum Reels, your Loyalty Club status is set to Club. Once you start wagering, your status will change as you earn more points. Your Loyalty Status is upgraded immediately as you qualify for the higher tier.

Players loyalty club points are calculated instantly and points for wagering will reflect within 24 hours of wagering (or after each casino session).

Points may be redeemed in units of 1,000 (or higher) where 1,000 points = 1.00 Platinum Reels Casino Bonus credits.

Unclaimed points will expire 90 days after points were earned.


The higher your loyalty status, the more points you earn for every dollar wagered.

Blue/Club -
Silver 25%
Gold 50%
Platinum 100%

For example, at a Club Status you will earn 1 loyalty point for every dollar wagered; but at a silver status, you will earn 1.25 loyalty points for every dollar wagered.The points that you earn during the month accumulation period will determine your loyalty club status and the exclusive promotions benefits you will qualify for.

Loyalty Points redeemed for casino credits are subject to maximum withdrawal amounts as per below:

  • Blue/Club: $100 or comp value redeemed, whichever is the higher value
  • Silver: $250 or comp value redeemed, whichever is the higher value
  • Gold: $500 or comp value redeemed, whichever is the higher value
  • Platinum: $1000 or comp value redeemed, whichever is the higher value

Loyalty points form part of a free money offer and is subject to a wagering requirement of 1x the redeemed amount before a withdrawal is permitted.


Platinum Reels will award discretionary bonuses to its loyal players on various occasions; these include Birthdays, Anniversaries and other special events and promotion giveaways.Regular promotions for additional loyalty points will be offered to players.Loyalty bonuses will be credited to players' accounts, and they will be notified via e-mail.


What is the Platinum Reels Loyalty Club?

At Platinum Reels, we are passionate about giving you the most incredible gaming experience possible and the loyalty program is one developed to reward and encourage player performance as you move through the various tiers.

How do I join?

When registering a Real account with Platinum Reels Online Casino, players are automatically given membership to the Platinum Reels Loyalty Club. There is no requirement for additional registration.Membership to the PLATINUM REES LOYALTY CLUB is FREE and is given to all players who play for Real Money.

What's my Loyalty Club status?

You can access all information regarding your loyalty status by simply clicking the menu icon in the casino lobby. Long standing members have been migrated to the new program in accordance with the program's points requirements for each tier.

Where can I see my loyalty points?

When you log in to the casino, please click the menu icon in the casino lobby to check your loyalty points.

What can I do with my Loyalty Points?

Tier points are used to move or maintain your player loyalty status. Both tier and bonus loyalty points can be also exchanged for Platinum Reels casino credits at a rate of 1000 points = $1.00. By exchanging your points for bonus credits, you earn points faster and gain more unique benefits to enhance your play even further.

Why can I not always redeem all my loyalty points?

There is a minimum redeem amount of 1000 loyalty points. Please make sure that you have accumulated at least 1000 points before attempting to redeem.